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欢迎进入这里的各界人士,您好,我是SVS®品牌的创始人之一,首先在这里感谢各界朋友对国产品牌产品的关注和青睐,特别感谢多年来,支持民族企业,购买和使用SVS®产品的各界人士,我真诚的希望大家能更好的支持民族企业,支持我们SVS®品牌,我们坚信,我们的服务能让你们满意,我们一直在努力缩短与进口产品品质差距,敬请大家拭目以待,也请大家提出宝贵的意见和建议, 公司历经市场竞争锤炼,始终秉承“质量第一、信誉为本、精心服务、顾客至上”的发展方针,团结拼搏,求真务实,多元化发展。


Statement by the representative of the factory

Hello, honored guests and friends, many thanks for your attention. As one of the founders of SVS®, I feel great honor to have your attention and say hello to all the people who focus on China-made products, and particularly thanks for the various field friends who support our national enterprises, purchase and use SVS®products years to now. I do believe and hope that we can support national enterprises more, support SVS®, we also firmly believe that our service make you satisfied with ongoing effort to shorten the gap between the quality of imported products, during these process, your kindly  valuable comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

SVS company came over market competition, and always adhering to the "good quality, credit-oriented, kind services and customer first" to develop, and encourage all the staff to do a team work, to be pragmatic and pluralistic.

For Foshan Xin Yu Electronics Co., Ltd, it mainly research and make SVS® products. Factories has the Management Dep., Manufacturing Dep., Material Control Dep., R & D, QC Dep. and Finance Dep., all the departments do their duties and cooperate with each other, fully compliance with ISO90001 management system to ensure a sustainable development of the product.



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